There comes a night where your soul falls apart and you can feel yourself crumbling. It is going to be the toughest night you have to survive through. Everything within you feels hollow ; empty. Your hands are going to tremble because you’re terrified. Your insecurities have all awaken and have began tearing you apart ; eating you alive.  You’re then forced to face your inner monster with nothing but your stripped down, worn out self. You will break down until your throat feels tight and you are gasping for air. You are both equally exhausted and in so much pain. So you are just sitting there waiting for dawn, clinging onto the mere hope that it will be less horrifying.

And you are going be so desperate to stop the pain you are feeling that you will do anything to divert the pain.

There comes a day where the sky is at its best blue and you’ll feel yourself shattering in public. You’ll bite your lower lip to stop your eyes from forming tears, trying your hardest not to break down in public. Your fingers will be cold and you’ll put them in the pockets of your best jeans while masking the obvious fact you’re on the verge of crying.

And tears will stream down your face ; leaving stains on your cheeks and you’re going want to stop breathing because the struggle is too painful.

But let me tell you that it is okay. I may not know what you are going through neither do I understand the pain you are feeling. Just take all the time that you need to heal. The world is already rough and it can be unkind. The last thing that heart of yours need is you to be viciously harsh to it.



Win W.



And what seems to be forever of trying to figure out what self-love meant, you only find it on a cold rainy June night that accompanied with the rumbling of thunder. You ran your hands through your hair as you looked at your reflection in the mirror. And it finally made sense.

It was you all along.

It was you who wiped your own tears and held your head high. It was you who held your own hand and picked up all your broken pieces. It was you who patted that fragile heart of yours and taught it how to love again. It was you who hugged yourself to sleep when the arms of lost lovers were no longer there. It was you who held yourself when you were crying and falling apart. It was you who picked yourself back up after every fall. It was you who taught yourself how to mend and to heal.

It is this realisation that allowed you to smile gently in a way that told you it would all be okay. That no matter who hurt you, you would always find a way to heal again. That no matter how much love you have lost, you would always find a way to love again too. And that you would always be there for yourself.

That is when you learned what self-love really meant.

And it was always going to be you in the end.

Win W.

Melacca, ’18 Ver.

What I have been doing lately, besides publishing my pictures on VSCO, is just taking random pictures of places I have been. It is nothing much but after coming back from Melbourne, I told myself that I will make more visual diaries and not just endless of words to keep my readers entertained.

So here’s a little tiled mosaic visual diary through my camera’s lense of Melacca.

More blog posts to come but for now : –

Hometown Memories : Ipoh, ’18 Ver.

Growing in Ipoh for 6 years, I never fail to come back here every year. There is the familiar childhood nostalgia. Of course now, in Ipoh, there is just too many people crowding at most famous food stores, cafes and tourist sights.

Over the years, Ipoh has become a heritage sight of Malaysia and I am proud to be able to be raised by my grandparents with a lot of Chinese traditions. Coming back to Ipoh, the irresistible bowl of simple, yet very comforting, warm shredded chicken kuey teow soup that brings back childhood memories. I remember holding my great grandmother’s hand and watching her enjoying food of this part of the country.

I guess you can say that being Malaysian, I have a lot of things to be proud of. It is the food that brings us Malaysians together and the culture too. More blog posts to come but for now : –

I have made a little tiled mosaic visual diary of the highlights of my trip.

All visuals and words belong to Win W.™ unless stated otherwise.

The New Love

You question if your fragile and horribly mended heart is ready to love anyone once again.

Do let me tell you this — your heart has the capability to love again despite it being terribly damaged and broken previously. The scars tainted on your heart show the love that soul have bravely poured out. They are proofs that your soul have lived. By feeling, we are living — by feeling, it mean that we are alive.

Don’t surrender so give it another chance. You will never know what it is going to be like. And yes, the new love will never be same and it is always going to be different.

But is that not what every new love holds? Something different — A different beauty, another kind of gentleness and a new comforting feeling that you can call home.


Win W.

Post Emotional Trauma

You have become so damaged that when someone tries to give you what you deserve, you do not know how to respond. And you do not know whether to trust this new person because you fear of getting hurt again. You have been hurt so many times by the people whom your heart once loved and trusted ; be it from a friend, a family member or a partner who left. The hurt from the previous love have left traumatic mark within you. You have the thought that maybe, just maybe, you are the common problem to all the previous failed loves.

So you begin questioning whether this time you are worth this new love or not. Whether your love is enough for this new person and whether this new person is going to hurt you too.

Perhaps the problem is not the intensity of your love but the quality of the people you are loving.

Win W.

The Kind of Men Worth Waiting For.

And while we read and write for heartbroken women, there are the strong men with the softest hearts and gentle souls out there. The ones who got left behind and broken. The ones who are underappreciated and cry themselves to sleep. The men who us women read in books — with a kind heart that is filled with so much love for you and who would give you the world. The ones who continue loving and expect nothing in return. The kind of men who truly know what love means.

To these men ; the only kind that deserve the best too.


Win W.